Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 Tips for Fishing with a Speargun

While I was on vacation I finally got back into a sport I have not done for ages. Spearfishing!! It is something I really used to live as a kid and have yet to have a chance to really play around with it a lot. It is a lot of fun and highly recommend you give it a try.   I figured since my mind was on the topic I would take a  moment and write about what I did what I was away and hopfully help you learn something new.

Spearfishing has been coming back into trend for a while now, with people especially in coastal areas starting up clubs to accommodate the amount of people taking on this new sport. If you are thinking of taking up spearfishing or have already given it a go and want to take it up on a regular basis then here are a few tips that could help you on your way. 
When you are first loading your speargun it can seem a bit tricky to get the rubber to fit properly. A common mistake newbies make is thinking that they have a rubber that is too small for the shaft. This is unlikely to be the case. Fitting a rubber is about technique so before you go out and buy a different size ask someone with more experience to show you how to do it properly. The success is not about how strong you are, but about your technique which is something you can improve on easily with the right help. 

You should only load your gun when you are in the water to prevent accident. If you are using a modern speargun make sure you load it on your chest as this is how they were made. The older kinds are usually loaded on the hip, but you should check when purchasing if you don’t already know to avoid injury or damage to your speargun.  If you hold the handle higher up on your chest you will find it easier to complete pulling the rubber. 

Make sure you are aware of any new areas you intend to go fishing in. If you are new to the area it is best to take someone with you who is familiar, most find someone local who knows the water well. Some areas will require you to have a licence so before having a wasted journey check this first. Looking to learn more? I suggest you check out my friends blog called The SpearGun King, its a really great read!!

Hope you found that helpful! One thing is for sure, tomorrow I am going to hit the water again and do some more fishing!!!
Hi there, Today I am going to share with you the tips I use when I travel and write 1. Always try and carry a note pad. You never know some a great idea is going to hit you, make sure you have a way to write it down for future projects. 2. Listen to Grammar podcasts. This is a pretty good one. I really enjoy listening to these types of podcasts and I feel they help out my writing a lot. 3. Check your email. You never know when you will get a networking opportunity. Plus, it makes people feel bad when they interrupted your vacation, making you unforgettable 4. Take lots of photos. When you finally decide to write those blog posts, people will want to see what you are talking about and it will help them become closer to you. 5. Have a good time! Try not to let work get in the way!

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Hi, how is it going? My name is George, I've been an on and off writer for the past few years. A while back I started this blog, but I thought I would give it a go again.  In the mean time here is a retty good video on how to get your writing carrer started.